Taking the lead in security, sustainability and rapid scale.
An exceptionally well-placed Tier III data centre offering effortless scalability delivering among the highest levels of service- and power availability on the globe.
What we offer


Hyper-efficient and completely clean

Have the world's most reliable infrastructure and independent, powerful and clean energy fuel your infrastructure in a model which does not stop to surprise clients with its value.

Managed Services

From NBD to 30-minute response

As clients expect 24/7 availability it is important to host your infrastructure where you focus on your business - not your IT. Managed services include hosting and your chosen level of service.


Massive compute to innovate and scale

Save up to 82% on electricity on the heaviest loads - harness the unique advantages of Icelandic nature and out-perform your competition just by smart placement.

Archive and backup

The world's safest location for disaster recovery

When circumstances shift, your data is safe and accessible to minimise the impact. The Icelandic conditions make the storage hyper-efficient and, consequently, one of the world’s most economical archive solutions.
The consortium operating Reykjavik DC consists of leading businesses in their respective industries on the Icelandic market and can offer a wide range of combined solutions to overseas clients. We are also experienced in large-scale projects and custom solutions. If this is your area of interest, please mention this in your inquiry

Why Iceland?

An island between two major markets entirely independent from external energy providers which tops the list for data centre- and overall security many years in a row makes Iceland a superior location for IT operations - especially for extraordinarily demanding clients.

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